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Repertoire knowledge, research, and selection is both craft and art when practiced at its highest levels for world-class recordings. Encore Consultants LLC provides a variety of musical repertoire services.

Our clients include:
  • Record Labels,
  • Performing Artists, and
  • Musical Organizations.

Whether you need guidance in music selection for concert presentations, or help designing a cohesive and marketable music program for a recording project, Encore Consultants LLC will provide you with the necessary expertise.

Encore has proven particularly adroit in this realm for literally hundreds of recordings because of three critical reasons:
  1. The company owns and maintains an extensive and proprietary music library that gives us in-house access to thousands of musical options and combinations.
  2. We have built special repertoire connections worldwide over a twenty-year period, giving us the ability to unearth and offer you rare and unusual scores.
  3. We particularly pride ourselves on consistently demonstrating both “breadth of knowledge” and “depth of field” in order to successfully couple the Artist, Label, or Organization with compositions that will yield the most exciting musical programming for either performance or recording.

Artists and Musical Organizations—Contact us before embarking on a recording project. We will be able to assist in successful repertoire direction for your next recording project, and possibly, match your project with an interested Record Label.

Self-producing your next recording? We will help you select music and programming specifically targeted to make your recording both marketable and critically recognized.

Artists, Labels, and OrganizationsOur services are always tailored to your musical needs. The success of your musical endeavors is paramount to us.