Mastering Picture

"Mastering" is the final step in producing a recording.

The mastering phase has one, true purpose: to ensure that the recorded music sounds its very best in every listening environment on any playback equipment.

This highly specialized engineering process involves three critical "choice points":
  • Thoroughly assessing the completed, edited "mix"
  • Making all necessary adjustments and/or finishing touches (This involves many "refinement aspects" such as equalization, fading, PQ encoding, etc)
  • Creating a master disc that is deliverable to the targeted replication plant(s)

Encore Consultants LLC actively supervises the mastering on all of our recording productions in order to ensure the highest quality results in this critical completing process. We elect to work with only a handful of the industry's most experienced and proven mastering engineers, three of whom are quoted below.

Mastering Picture

"Audio Mastering is the art/science of assembling individual songs into cohesive musical excellence and should be considered the final step in a recording project before going into manufacture."

— Anthony Casuccio, Mastering Engineer

"Once they have been through the mastering process, few would disagree that it is worth the extra cost to put that all important final sheen on their project. Mastering is actually the smallest part of the project budget, yet it is often the point where the project takes the biggest step forward in overall quality." ."

— Paul Stubblebine, Mastering Engineer

"I think that mastering is a way of maximizing music to make it more effective for the listener, as well as maybe maximizing it in a competitive way for the industry. It's the final creative step and the last chance to do any modifications that might take the song to the next level."

— Bernie Grundman, Mastering Engineer

To ensure that your recorded music "sounds its very best, in every listening environment, on any playback equipment" you can trust Encore Consultants LLC.