First impressions are important. You can tell a book by its cover!

Package wrapped with headphones Picture

CD in Jeans Pocket

Arguably, the merits of a career-defining virtuosic performance, masterfully recorded in a world class state-of-the-art studio, with legendary engineers and producers in the control room, should sell even if it comes wrapped in a brown paper grocery bag with recycled cotton string around it.

However, the reality of the music business is this: appearance immediately communicates profound messages about a product's style, quality, accessibility, and content.

Packaging, therefore, must always be designed to complement and enhance the repertoire of a compact disc.


The cosmetic presentation of a compact disc should always be made to "draw in" a potential purchaser. The disc's packaging should entice the buyer to physically pick up the product and inspect its contents by reviewing both its front and back covers.

Every disc's graphic design should be memorable. It should purposely trigger a buyer's positive and provocative reaction to that specific release, and—at the same time direct them to anticipate their next "musical experience" through future releases by the featured artist.