Historic Restoration

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Encore Consultants LLC is an award-winning industry leader in transforming the legendary recordings of the past into today's remarkable digital sound using the most advanced audio engineering technology available at its Pleasant Lane Studio.

For over two decades, the Company has provided audio restoration of historic classical recordings and broadcasts from the entire twentieth century— with particular attention given to the "first half" of the century.

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Encore Consultants LLC has unique access to an incredible wealth of vintage performances on 100,000 mint-condition 78s, and over 25,000 musical scores as part of its proprietary, in-house Music Library.

The Company is meticulous in its restoration approach. Through its own proprietary library, as well as its special networking connections worldwide, Encore Consultants LLC will locate and use as many versions of the recordings as possible to present performances in their best and truest sound. Additionally, we document each of the performances, and usually, write the program notes accompanying the release.

Encore Consultants LLC's restoration philosophy is dedicated to a distinctive, Four Part Sonic Vision:
  • "We present the great artists of the past in as clean a sound as possible."
  • "We always utilize the latest technology."
  • "We are "purists" in that we never re-process, apply gimmicks, or other "additions" which could change the acoustic pallet of the original recording."
  • "Our ultimate and overriding aim is to preserve the musical integrity of an artist's legacy."

In our opinion, restoration producers are both documentarians and historians.

We document an artist's legacy by restoring archival performances for new audiences to experience and enjoy.


We are historians because we present that legacy for future generations to study and learn from.

Preservation of musical history is a cornerstone of our business mission. How much is your artistic legacy worth? Trust it to Encore Consultants LLC.