Musical Supervision

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World class orchestral producing demands the very best in three critical areas:
  1. Managerial know-how
  2. Technical expertise
  3. Innate musicianship

World class producing also calls for the ability to act as a constant bridge between "performers" and "recorders" to consistently deliver outcomes of the very highest quality.

Encore Consultants LLC founders, Marina and Victor Ledin, have received two GRAMMY® nominations as "Classical Producers of the Year."

Additionally, they have been responsible for producing every aspect of over 130 individual and series albums since founding Encore Consultants LLC over twenty years ago.

Encore's Musical Supervision Services Program also includes:
  • Developing long-range recording plans for both Individual Artists as well as Musical Organizations
  • Record Labels as clients when planning either a re-issue series (back catalog development), or selecting fresh, marketable repertoire for their artists.

Need to locate the right artist for your next recording project?

Trying to find an orchestrator?

Perhaps your project has special musical aspects beyond your scope of experience (performers, composers, royalty-free music, licensable music, etc.)?

Encore's extensive, worldwide network of contacts built over twenty years permits us to be able to match individuals as well as musical organizations to any artistic endeavor—from a live-audience presentation in a performance theater, to your next recording project for any media.

Whether your project is "larger," "smaller," or "somewhere in between," Encore has the proven ability to deliver positive results for you.

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